Crepe Myrtle trees

There are lots of ways for you to beautify your outdoors these days especially when you have ornamental plants such as Crepe Myrtle trees available. Crepe Myrtle is one of the most popular plants that you can plant in your garden or yard that can be treated as a perennial plant especially in cold places or as a shrub or a tree even.

Crepe myrtle trees have beautiful foliage with handsome bark as well as summer flowers that are colorful to behold especially during the summer. Regarded once as a southern tree, Crepe Myrtle now has different variations that can survive even the toughest weather conditions there are today. Crepe Myrtle trees are quite rugged in the sense that they can thrive during the drought with little maintenance and they are sure quite easy to transplant as well.

Picture of Crepe Myrtle trees

When it comes to pruning crepe myrtle trees, it is almost always best to leave them alone. Don’t be tempted to prune Crepe Myrtle trees right in their knuckles or should you let be swayed by peer pressure as well since you are at a big risk of damaging the beauty of these trees. November and December are not the best time for you to trim your Crepe Myrtle trees since they might be in danger of suffering from the freezing weather. The best time for you to start pruning one is between early spring and late winter.

If you want to get the most out of this plant, you should learn how to care Crepe Myrtle trees before getting one for your home. This way, you will know how to successfully nurture one from the moment you plant seeds all the way to the time it has grown enough for you to prune. Before planting one, make sure that the soil is well drained and that it has enough fertilizer to support the new plant. If there are any buds or suckers starting to appear, be sure to remove them if you want your Crepe Myrtle trees to grow as a tree.

Any aphids that may appear while your Crepe Myrtle trees are growing should be washed away with a soapy solution. Although aphids cannot do too much harm to your plant, they invite molds and other plant parasites to invade your trees which can cause severe damage to your Crepe Myrtle trees. You should remember to nurture your Crepe Myrtle trees as they grow by putting fertilizers in the soil to keep them healthy and in good condition.

Picture of Crepe Myrtle trees

Dynamite Crepe Myrtle Trees are one of the most popular choices today especially when their beautiful red blossoms can brighten your property come summer time. The brilliant colors with matching handsome colored bark compliments one another and when properly trimmed and pruned, your Crepe Myrtle Trees are sure to add more value to your home.

The next time you are looking for ornamental plants to add to your property, don’t forget to consider Crepe Myrtle tree. For sure, you will be glad to acquire this for your yard today since it can grow up to great heights while providing you with adequate shade and beautiful blossoms that will surely catch your attention.


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